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Monday, September 22, 2008

Battle of Chickamauga Camp Life

Me and Jessie clowning around trying to stay cool. Man it was hot Sunday.

Camp life around the campfire. 4th GA Co E.

Jessie sitting in front of our tent eating beef jerky

Dee sitting on their bed in their tent. Andy was Captain for the weekend and Dee was the 1st lady. LOL
Well I promised some pics and these are not that good but here they are. I am hoping the ones I took on the other camera turned out better. Our trip provided us some of the most gorgeous mountain area we have seen since we went to Maryland several yrs ago for an event. We had a blasts in camp. Friday was hot during the day then cold at night. Saturday was warm during the day and not as cold that night but Sunday was hot, hot, hot. We got on to the site about 1hr after VP Chaney and all of his Secret Service men left, thank goodness for that. We were told no one was able to come onto or leave the grounds while he was there. We still had to wait for a battle that had just started when we got there to end before we could drive on to the campsite. There were many film crews there filming all weekend. We had a wonderful time but I did miss a very special day of my daughters. DH felt really bad about it but he was so psyched up to go even if I had known ahead of time we would still have gone. Even with the threat of NO gas, he was deteremined to go saying "this may be the last time I get to go to this event". It is only held every 10 yrs. We were at the last and believe me when I say this one was soooo much better I am telling the truth. The last one was horrible. They plowed up an old army field and left huge roots of tree trunks,etc for us to camp around or remove. Everytime a vehicle rode through dust went everywhere. My hubby had to change his air filter when we got home it was so clogged up. I had GA red clay in my lungs for 2 weeks. No kidding!


Suzanne said...

Love it! Is that you in the tent? LOVE the setup! And LOVE the bed!

Shannon Erskine aka e3stamper said...

What great pics of grown people playing dress up!LOL! J/K!! Glad yall had a great time!