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Friday, September 19, 2008

Battle of Chickamagua

Well I am out of commission as far as stampin and bloggin go until Monday or Tuesday. We are headed to the tip of GA/TN line for the Battle of Chickamauga. My darling hubby has been looking forward to this event all year long and I have not been able to talk him out of it :( . At least the temperatures have cooled down so that it may not be so hot. My biggest fear right now is some of our local gas stations are rationing gas and other have NO gas at times. I am hoping we do not run into more of that up there. We are leaving tooo early Friday morning for me to get in the Limited Supply Challenge. I will definitely be in need of my stamp to rubber fix when I get home. LOL. If you are in the area of this event please do come by. It is all about educating and the guys have a blast while burning up some powder. I will have some pics when we return to share with you.


Lauren said...

Have a great time. Sounds like fun.

Suzanne said...

How cool! Hubby and I are re-enactors too! Our company is going to Chickamagua - NC 7th, Company F
Have fun! We've had to give it up in a sense because DD (almost 6) is in school and DS (2) is TOO interested in the fire ;)
Well, have fun and I look forward to reading about your trip! I'd LOVE to see pics too! :D