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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Distressed and headed to the Beach

Well as luck would have it I got home Thursday evening only to find a HOT HOUSE.  Jessie called the AC man when he got home and the result were in.  Friday morning  revealed a dead unit needing to be replaced.  I truely believe it is hotter than when I was a kid living in an apartment with window fans and happy to be alive.
Anyway we were not going to be cheated out of our beach trip we had planned all week long. So we went anyway.  Jessie & I arrived around 4:30 and Shannon, Michele and 4 of the grands around 6pm.  Dinner at Golden Coral and then chillin' in the room.

Papa had to give the grands a lesson on the eco system and marine life. LOL.
We spent the day at the beach Saturday and a picnic lunch followed by an afternoon in the pool and a schrumcious dinner at Pouncy's and then THE ADVENGERS movie. Below is a picture of Papa leading the 3 grands out to play a dirty trick on them. Just about the time they got knee deep he turned around and yelled "hurry get out of the water".  All we saw was eyes and open mouths running as hard as they could. I think they walked on the water actually. LOL. Mean ole' Papa.
Jaylen was NOT a fan of the ocean 3 yrs ago and that did not seem to change much this time either. He told his Papa "I will get in with you for 1 minute". Jessie said even without a watch it seemed like about 1 minute and Jaylen let go of his hand and said "OK, that's it, I am outta here". LOL.  He was tooo funny.  This picture is showing as far as he would go in the water.

Both vehicles made it there and back home without any trouble, thank you Lord for all your blessings.

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