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Thursday, September 22, 2011

1st Vacation in 4 yrs

I can not believe Jessie & I have been on vacation almost 2 weeks.  His started last Monday, mine that Thursday.  We went to St.George Island and the beach was amazing.  I was afraid the water would be too cool to get in but I was able to get in the beach and the pool. Jessie even got in the pool with me. We spent 3 glorious days at the beach then came home and loaded up Monday and headed to Pine Mountain, GA.
WOW was that amazing. Our cabin was darling and so cozy.  We did have a lot of rain especially Tuesday night. I certainly could have done without all the thunder and lightening.
View from the back porch

Daffy, Donald, Daisy, Huey, Duey, & Louey payed a visit every time the back door opened.

Um, this one speaks for itself

I had been sitting on the couch for about 30min before I realized this pouting kid in the corner was there. It was so precious.

Wednesday we visited FDR's "Little White House"

This is the chair he was sitting in while having his portrait painted, the portrait that is left unfinished as he died after complaining of a severe headache

Here is the bed that FDR slept in while visiting Pine Mountain on his 41 visits.  I touched the foot board of the bed that a formed leader of our nation once slept on.  I stood in AWE. This was an amazing adventure.

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