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Thursday, August 20, 2009


I went easy on him this time. He seemed to need me to. Ruth a co-worker in ICU had a picture blown up and matted it on a poster board with Ain't He Nifty, Jessie's 50 in cut out letters on it. This had black balloons and HB balloon tied to it and was placed at the elevators on 1st floor so that everyone could admire his picture and be aware that today was HIS day. He received phone calls all day from co-workers and doctors laughing and congratulating him.
Here is a picture of Ruth getting her sign ready for all the staff to admire as they come to work. This is a shot of Jessie as he walked into work and saw the evidence of our scheme.And then Pizza Hut delivered lunch 10min after the ICU got 2 new patients. grrrrr, seems that is always the case when we try to have any sort of luncheon or even a meeting everything tries to go crazy. Here is a great shot of all the crew on his shift. in front is Lynn the monitor tech, behind from left to right is Ruth (the culprit), Jessie, Kim and Margie. They are such a great crew and so tight together. I think that is what keeps them all together having each other as support.

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Shannon Erskine aka e3stamper said...

So glad he had a great bday!! Give him BIG (((hugs)))!