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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Carrie Underwood Concert in Tallahassee

OK, I promised to try to have some great pics for you today after I revived myself from 3 hrs of sleep. I now know how to change teh function on my new camera so that I can zoom in much closer than just with the zoom and get a more clearer outcome but that did not help me last night at 10pm when my battery died. Had I know all of that I would have carried the camera case that I left in the trunk of my car trying to not carry my purse in. I had 2 sets of extra batteries in the case. GGGRRRR. Anyways this is as good as my pics get for this one. I am hoping that maybe I can make another one of her concerts and get some better pics.
The strangest thing was never knowing where she was going to come out on the stage from or on what. A beautiful country tree limb came from the ceiling with this swing hanging from it. Carrie came on the stage and began singing and swinging. As she sang and swang she got higher and higher from the stage. So KEWL!

She plays the guitar and piano and Lord knows what other instruments. A multi talented God Loving lady with a voice like an Angel.
This truck was so neat, she came from back stage in the bed and it was hoisted up and all the way around the auditorium. She said that this was the favorite part of her shows as she gets to see everyone closer up too. LOL.
I am sure I have had a good time at past concerts before but I don't think I ever had a better time before. Definitely worth seeing again and again. She sang 4 songs from her 1st, 2nd and new albumn. It was just AWESOME!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oh i'm soooo jealous! i love carrie underwood. she is not only gorgeous, but super talented! great pictures. thanks for sharing!

Ashley Nicole said...

OMG!! SO JEALOUS!!! What an awesome view and Oh how cool about the truck! She is SO beautiful! :)