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Thursday, December 4, 2008

So Sad - Another Death of a Pet

Jessie has occassionaly brought Socks in for short visits. Short inside visits because even though he was "fixed" he still sprayed for a few months. He was such a fun cat to have. You knew he was in the area by his cat call. Jessie always said here some the phone cat. Sounded just like a phone ringing. LOL. Well we are going to miss his ring. My FIL informed me that he had to bury Socks after finding him in the road early Wednesday morning. It is so weird bc while he was in the house Tuesday we took all of these pictures. Well this tribute is to our "SOCKS" , he will be missed.


Lauren said...

I'm so sorry Neva. That is so sad. I hate to hear stories like that.

Nancy B. aka Jean said...

Oh Neva, That's so sad! I really love cat's and it's very hard to hear about this happening.

He looked like a really cool cat.

Please take care and remember him.

Ashley Bowen said...

Oh No, Neva! I'm so so so sorry! Our pets are truly a part of our families. Know that we are thinking of you and Jessie! Hugs,