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Monday, June 14, 2010

Beachy Vacation Trip to Fernidina

I have been MIA for a few days, sorry, but the Jessie and I took Michele and her 2 kids and Shannon and her 3 kids to Fernidina Beach for a long weekend short vacation. We left early Saturday morning and they left later that afternoon when Michele got off from work. We all had a blast even though Jaylen, Michele's 2 yr old was not a happy beach comer until late Sunday night when it was almost time to go home. Bless her heart she had a time this weekend with him, but if you have had a 2 yr old you know what I mean.My beach pictures are still on the roll but for now here is a picture of everyone except Jessie, Danny and me in the pool.

Here is Danny and Jessie chillin under the shade of the umbrella, well Jessie is not in the shade. After I took this he went back to the room and got on his swim trunks and jumped in. It was SOOOO HOT Monday.
After we checked out and headed home, Shannon, Danny and their 3 went back to the beach but it was just too hot so they headed on home too.

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Joanne Travis said...

What fun, Neva! My sister lives in Fernadina Beach! It's a beautiful place.