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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blast of a Fishing Trip

OK so I had a rough day at work Thursday and slept late Friday, my day off, which felt good until Jessie threw my fishing cap at me and said "come on we're burning daylight". Growl, snarl, snarl. I just wanted to relax and unwind to get over Thursday, but like a good trouper I get dressed and off we went. I do love fishing and mostly I love being with my darling wonderful husband so I knew even if the fish did not bite the day was not going to be a totally loss. To our surprise the trout were there and hungry. We must have caught 50 throw backs that were too small. We caught tons of bait fish and some big enough that he wanted to bring home to cook for his mom who loves small fish cooked too pieces. LOL.
She should love these 3 little guys. Just when we were getting ready to leave I turned around with a mouth full of water and all I could do was grunt and point to his rod that was bent all the way over. He grabbed it and the fight was on. 20min later this is what I netted for him. A 28 inch Red weighing in at 12 lb. Unfortunately being 28 inches makes it too long to keep with a slot of 17-27 inches. We got some pics, he kissed it and sent it back to reproduce and live to fight another day. What was funny is that as soon as Jessie got his rod and started his fight my line started peeling off and with rod bent I grabbed mine and here we go. Jessie was having to go from the front to the back of the boat to follow his while I was just trying to regain some line and hoping that I did not run out of line before whatever I had on ran out of steam. I was laughing and reeling at the same time. Jessie's fish got in view and we could see gold so we knew what his was and I could not believe my eyes when my fish got to the surface and we realized I had a red as well. Man I was happy. He kept saying "and you didn't want to come". Jessie was busy fighting his monster so I had to net mine when it got close enough. This was on the end of my line. Whoo Hoo. Was I happy that it was 22 inches and within legal limits. He is going home with us.
What a day on the water. It was fabulous.

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