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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Western Sky Metal Pendant

I have not felt like stamping much this week. Sorry for no post. My head still feels like it is dissattached from my shoulders. I hate medication that makes me feel funny. This is for today's INSPIRATION CHALLENGE - Charm Lady Boutique. Oh My there were soo many lovely pendants it was impossible to choose just 1 for inspiration. I was initial inspired by all of the light aqua colors and then I decided it must be time to try Monday's TECHNIQUE LOVERS CHALLENGE - Metal Washer Pendants. I am soo impatient on waiting 24hrs for something to dry. gggrrr. I smudged a bit, how you can not see where. I used my heat gun very high above the pendant to speed up the process. Treaded some hemp with beads and this necklace matches a blouse I picked up for one of my girls. I hope she likes it. I will be making more of these.

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Shannon Erskine aka e3stamper said...

Okay I may have to try this technique!! Wonder if Lana could wear one of these?!?!