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Saturday, August 16, 2008


Me and some other really great stampin' ladies which also includes my daughter, Shannon, that's whoo!! HERE is the big announcment. I have been just about to burst for a couple of months now since I opened an E-mail I received from Heather Rolin at H&M Stamp Company asking me if I would consider joining her design team. After I revived myself and had my DH read this also to make sure I was reading it correctly I replied "YES". I am sure the scream could be heard thoughout the entire county at least. Now that September is rapidly approaching I am excited and terrified at the same time I am terrified of being a dissappointment. Keep me in your prayers and be on the look out for some really neat releases coming in just 16 days.

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Linsey said...

Ok, I just had to scroll back to find your announcement about H&M! I'm just so proud of you--you've really earned this, Neva and Heather seems like a great gal to work with! Her stamps are wonderful!

Now, about this silly talk of being a disappointment--first of all, you are an amazing talent and Heather chose you because you are an inspiration! don't second guess yourself, you are passioniate about this and your love for it shines thru your cards and projects and so does your sparkling personality! You are one of the most kind hearted people I have *met* thru our mutual joy of stamping and I think you are awesome!!! You will be nothing less than spectacular!!! Now, stop that silly nonsense and get stamping--we need our Neva fix! :) hugs and huge congrats!!!