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Friday, December 28, 2007

DT's are setting in

OK, today is my 2nd day of not being able to do the SCS Challenges and I am starting to see pink elephants on the ceilings, big spiders crawling on the walls, and my hands do not feel like they are attached any longer. I have the DT's from not stampin' :(.
My daughter has my vehicle sincer her's decided to die on the road Saturday. I went looking yesturday and was so hopeful but NOT to what I found, so I am still looking. With no way to go except w/hubby I have to come to work with him at 6:15 AM. I usually say GB to him and go to my playroom as he goes out the door. Then I come to work after some serious stampin' therapy. Today Iam going home early to catch up on the last 2 days of challenges and get some MUCH needed therapy in. Hope to find her a way to go real soon.


SmilynStef said...

I understand those stampin' DT's ... the good part about them is how happy you will be when you start tamping again ... hope things work out.

Lauren said...

Have fun catching up with the challenges! I hope things brighten up for you.