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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jaylen's 1st Birthday

Thought I would share some pics from Jaylen's 1st Birthday party we had today. Hard to believe it has been a year but it has.
Jaylen's personal cake The family's cake to enjoy with Jaylen. These little train engines were just adorable. He was not too sure about that icing to begin with but once he got started he was diggin' in and gettin' into it. LOL. He was so cute.Makayla had a blast watching Jaylen play/eat his cake while their Mom watched is dismay with looks of "is this ever going to come clean?"Here is the back of Brayden's head, Madison, Alana and Aunt Shae(Shannon). It is remarkable how much those 2 look alike. Scary when I realize how much me and Shannon favor and me and my mom and my mom and her mom. WOW somebody had some strong genes that got passed down. LOL.

Here is Brayden's face, Aunt Amanda and Trinity. Believe it or not everthing came clean including the birthday boy. I got the pleasure of giving him a bath since I was the host of the party - thus saith his mom "you gave it to him, you clean him up!"

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