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Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Car Fever - Now I can FOCUS

Sorry it has taken me a couple of days to post this but better late than never huh? I have been busy packing for our weekend stamp retreat in Lake City, FL. I am so excited I am not sure how much sleep I am going to get.
Anyway, I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee I have had since I rolled off the lot in October 2003 with 63 miles on it. I LOVED my Jeep, but when gas got to $3.50 a gallon and a full tank ran $70 I started wondering what I was going to do. I had noticed me and dh had dropped down the number of beach trips from 5-6 a year to None so far this year. EEEKK. I decided something had to change. He has a full size Dodge Ram truck so that he can pull any 1 of the 3 boats we own. yeh I know but what can I say we love to fish. He surely could not trade for a smaller more economical truck or car to save on gas so I went to the Ford dealer Monday and signed away my life again. Don't laugh but I cried all the way to the car lot Tuesday when I was going to pick my Focus up and hand over my beloved Jeep. They promised me they would find a good home for it. 3 days later I can honestly say I LOVE MY FOCUS. It has Sirius, Synch, a 6 CD disk changer, and is just a smooth ride. I went to a nearby town last night and got 44 mpg where my Jeep would get 18-22mpg. So I decided to show you a pic of my new baby.And here she is, Vista Blue, they had to send to Atlanta to get one for me, but if you know me you know Blue is my color. They had a Silver one but I had to have blue and I got it. We both love it and both my girls are hoping I leave it to them when I am gone but until then I am hearing "when you gonna let me hold it?". teehee

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Nancy B. aka Jean said...

You're going to love your New Focus!
My MIL has one and she just loves it to pieces. Great gas milage.

I think the blue color is very pretty.

Gas price up here are outragous too.
We have a F350 Pick up that take Diesel and that runs about $4.85 a gallon. and our tank hold about 38 gallons.

But we only drive it when we need too.

Otherwise I drive my little Ford Ranger pickup. With no air. but it's great on gas milage.

Well take care and tell Shannon, I haven't forgotten her. (Catalog wise)