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Sunday, May 15, 2011

My New Porch & Patio Furniture

OK the back deck is finally finished and  of course the 1st order of business was New Patio Furniture and a grill out. Whoo Hoo can my baby build? Yes he can, Can my baby grill? Oh Yeah Baby he can. Yum Yum.


Gerry said...

You have such a huge patio, Neva! What I like about new spaces is that you can think of lots of possibilities to design and decorate the place. And you can put in more fixtures without worrying about the space limit. And yes, a grill would be perfect in this place. :-) [Gerry Bossier]

Leoma Shores said...

I agree with Gerry. Your patio has room for decoration! I can imagine it being painted in white and with some vintage-like accents and detailing. I think it's gonna be a perfect place to bond with the family. So how is it now? Have you put your baby grill yet?

Leoma @Archadeck