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Thursday, February 14, 2008


No challenge card from me today. Busy day, started out by trying to finish up some Valentines gifts and wrapping. Turns out dh's card is at my office and what does he do 1st thing, wakes up before I leave and puts a beautiful card out for me and a movie. The same movie I have to give him tonight at supper. LOL. My oldest grandchild is 7 today, so we had to call her before she headed off to school and sing like we do every year for all of them on their special day. Had brownies baking in over for a co-worker and needed to be at work by 8am. I was 8:45 before I left my house. Yeekkk. Run Sally Run. We are having dinner tonight for Alana's birthday celebration and I will be giving her a ticket to My Little Poney show for Sunday in Tallahassee as part of her B-day gift.
Hope everyone feels all the love possible on this special day of love.

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Lauren said...

Happy Valentine's Day Neva!