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Monday, October 10, 2011

What a Monday!!

OK so let me tell you how my day started:  Can you tell already?  I went to see Jessie when I got to work to give him something and on the way out of the ICU he said "why are you bleeding?"  I looked down at the left corner of my less than 2 month old white vest which was now begining to turn RED!!!!
A red sharpe that is used when I put PICC lines in was leaking in my pocket since the top had come off.  This had to have just happened. 
I quickly went to my office and started with hair spray, soap and friction rub which only allowed for more bleeding on my vest and I actually rubbed a blister then busted it on my finger.  GGGRRRRRR!!!!

You know what happens to sharpe' ink when you try to get it out?  It bleeds everywhere.  I have a small spot on my white work shirt as well.

I have them both currently soaking in OXY CLEAN and am praying that they do not come out PINK!!


Sharon Field / Created By You said...

Sorry about your white vest Neva! A long time ago, a babysitter gave our son india ink to play with in his brand new lacoste shirt and shorts, and you can just guess what happened... LOL, we were traveling at the time and didn't get back home for a couple days. I was determined to get that ink out of his brand new clothes and after trying a host of products, resorted to using resolve carpet cleaner and a toothbrush, scrubbing, rinsing, and scrubbing. After multiple applications, the stain was gone!! I was pleasantly surprised! It was a lot of work.. but may be an option for you.

Sharon F.

MariLynn said...

You could try rubbing alcohol. I know that we used rubbing alcohol to purposely make sharpie markers run on t-shirts and we only misted them. Soaking your vest in it might work.