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Monday, June 2, 2008


Not really, just busy, busy, busy. Sorry for no recent posting. Everything has been in a whirlwing around here lately and I just keep waiting to wake up with a house sitting ontop of me since I am the wicked witch of the East. LOL I got maybe 4hrs sleep Thursday then had grands Friday evening. The new baby thinks if his eyes are open he shcould have a bottle in his mouth which tends to be every 2 hrs. Hope he gets out of that soon. I am usually always up by 5:30am every day work or not but Saturday it was after 9 and we were getting up to go out of town. Wanted an early start. That didn't happen. I guess I was making up for lost time between the sheets. We finally got out of here around noon and was on the water at3pm. We went to Keaton Beach and launched the boat, got to fish until 6, then went to find a room with a pool. Man was the water rough and even with the wind it was hot. Sunday morning we got up at 5am and headed back on the water. Not as much wind which made the heat even worse. Off the water by 2pm and on the road home. Shannon's kids had VBS last week so their program was at 6:30. We just did make it home, cleaned the boat, unloaded the truck, got a shower and off again. Somehow when I go out of town something always has to go wrong back at home and this was no exception. Michele's car left her on the side of the road, so I had to leave her with my truck last night until her's is fixed.
I am going through stamping withdrawals. Thursday morning no challenge ready before work, Friday the challenge was to make 3, yes 3 cards, well it takes me over 1 hr to make 1 card so that was not happening before work, Saturday, see above, remember the 9am oversleeping. Yep, no stamping that morning. Today's challenge is not up yet either but I am headed upstairs to play anyway.

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