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Friday, March 20, 2009

10th Wedding Anniversary

Well today we are celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary. I still can not believe he has let me hang out with him for 10yrs. LOL. He is a dream come true. Believe it or not we have NEVER had a real fight. We have had a few heated discussions but never fought like some couples do. He is my very best friend and we both love being with each other and just do not want to do things apart, well except stampin'. I have not yet got him hooked on stampin with me. He does go shopping to the LSS and browses through the stamp section. He has even been known to pick up a stamp and suggest I get it.
I may be back later today with the WT Challenge, heading off to work and if it goes like Thursday, I may not get home until after 8pm tonight. BAD day at work. I think we set a record of 5 active CODES (patients in critical condition hanging between life and death) going on at the same time. I ended up in ICU after 2pm taking care of a baby that was just darling.
Hope your 1st day of Spring is a blast.

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