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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I get asked quite often for instructions on how I do my uploads in Splitcoast so that I have a word or phrase to click rather than the "url" codes and how to make them in color. I am unable to show this on SCS messages so I thought I would try it on my blog. Please pass this on for anyone wishing to know how as well.

Begin with [url=
copy and paste the link you wish to allow the reader to be taken to
close with] - no spaces

To make it with color follow the above ] with [color=red] - the color choices can be found when posting comments - click GO ADVANCED then the "A" box for a drop down of the different colors. clicking on the color will show you what name of color should be entered - no spaces between words (ex. royalblue)

Type in the word/s you want the reader to see that can be clicked

Follow that with [/color]/url] - if you have used a color
[/url] - if you did not use a color.

So before posting it should look something like this:

Visit [url=][color=red]MY BLOG[/color][/url].

After posting it should appear as:

Visit MY BLOG.

I hope this helps and make sense. Thank you all for those who asked for these instructions.

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