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Friday, April 3, 2009

Work Interferance

Oh well, I want to stamp and have to go to work instead. My plans were to take the day off or at least only work until lunch. Those plans got shot last night around 7pm when I made the mistake of picking up the phone. I knew it was the hospital but thought it could be my dh telling me he was headed home bc we were having a horrible rain, thunder and lightening storms while under another tornado warning for the 4th straight day. Nope it was the supervisor with a request to work for my friend who would be out attending her 35yr old daughters funeral who died from a massive sudden heart attack. ONLY bc of who it was for did I say "yes I will work". Then I try to go on SCS to see what challenge I will be missing and can not even get on the website. gggggrrrr. Glad I am going to work. Have a great day stamping with out me, but get ready bc I will be back tomorrow morning raring to go. LOL

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Nancy B. aka Jean said...

Neva, you all have had some really bad storm lately. I feel for you all. We have had a lot of rain and chilly weather here. And last week we got some more snow.

I don't think winter will ever end!

Please know that we are keeping you all in our prayers.