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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rest in Peace CharlIe & Britney - Upadate 11/30

OK we went to bed last night at 10pm and at 10:45 were awakened to what sounded like an army on the back porch fighting. We got up and by the time my husband got some clothes on to go outside the noise was gone. Walking out on the porch we found Charlie near death's door, bleeding and barely breathing with what looked like a broken neck. Jessie said he could not make it out but it looked like a white dog running off in the woods. We still have 2 other cats that are presently unaccounted for, Britney (Charlies Mom) that is too old and feeble to fight off a big dog, and Socks who is young and frisky and has not been home during the night lately. I think he is courting someone. This morning will involve searching through the woods behind the house for cats and then calling the human society to come find this pack of wild dogs that did this. By the sound of the barks in the woods last night there were at least 2 maybe 3.
Britney was found this morning on my way to work laying in the front yard with frost all over her. Jessia found a whole in her chest and thought it might have been from a gunshot. I am hoping that is not true because that would mean someone shot her in our yard aiming at our house. Charlie & Britney will be buried in the pet cemetry where the other animals have been placed My 48 yr old husband cried for 30 min last night. Britney was saved from the animal shelter 11 yrs ago or more and she was carring a litter at the time. Charlie was one of the litter and they will be greatly missed around here. Socks is still alive and well, guess sometimes tomcatting can pay off if your not around when trouble happens.

Update 11/30
Yee Haw , I got home from work today and nothing in the trap. Went upstairs to put some things away and 1 hr later when I came downstairs there was a dark brown dog in the trap. This is not the same brown dog that I am hoping to trap but nevertheless a dog running wild. The human society will pick her up tomorrow, reset the trap Monday and we will see how many more we get. So far we have trapped 3 dogs running wild in our yard.

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Jan Hunnicutt said...

I'm so sorry about your beloved pets, it's hard to lose loved ones. Even the fuzzy ones. You have my heartfelt sympathy.