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Friday, January 25, 2008

What a Week I'm Having

Sorry I have not had a post for the past 2 days. I had to be a work really early Thursday for a meeting and chased my behind all day long trying to get somewhere.
Today I was rudely awakened by the phone at 5am asking me to work our Med/Surg floor. Well to say "YES" was clearly the wrong choice, it was horrible.
I am in serious need of some quality time with my rubbah. LOL. My doctor has prescribe a minimal of 1 hr a day and I have missed now 2 days and what is worse is that I have new RUBBAH that has not gotten dirty yet. EEEEKKKKK what will I do!!
Hopefully I will be back in the swing again in the morning. DH wants to go out of town but if it is raining, I vote for Rubbah Therapy.
Have a wonderful weekend, just in case I can not get back on to post :(

Shannon finally got to take the class for substitute teaching Thursday and they called her to work that night so today was her very 1st day as a Substitute Teacher. I am so very very proud of her. I told her this morning that if it was any help to know when she and her sister, who is 6 yrs younger than she is, were little they were always playing school and she was always the teacher. They were so cute. Now that little girl has grown up to be a real teacher, I think I am going to cry.


Lauren said...

Sorry to hear you had a rough day at work Neva! I hope you find time with your rubbah too! Great news about Shannon. Don't cry!

Shannon Erskine said...

so sweet youre gonna make me cry!Love ya!