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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Halloween Costume 50th Birthday Celebration

Here is my Pirate Jessie hubby. He was so adorable walking around all night with one of his old AC root beer bottles like a drunken Jack Sparrow. I was an 1860's Lady in Morning

Here are Shannon's 3 super hero's of the night. Madison was SuperGirl, Brayden was Superman, and Alana was Wonderwoman. Are they not the cutest super heros ever?
This is the Erskine's household that went home and passed out from exhaustion. Shannon was a mix of Good and Evil. Danny is just full of the Devil so he did not have to change much, LOL.
The kids did not make it out of the driveway good before they were asleep.

Makayla was a precious little Pink Lady
(from Grease).
She had a good time except she did not like Brayden's mask and she definitely did NOT like Uncle Danny's devil mask.
Makayla is putting Michele's clown nose back on for her, or maybe taking it off. It went both ways last night. Aunt Shah helped mommy get ready with KK watching and she did not seem to be afraid of the clown.

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