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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CRUISIN' with My Girls

I have been Missing In Action without notice bc of security reasons I waited until we got home to post where we had been. Jessie and I decided to celebrate our 11th Anniversary on a Cruise to the Bahamas. We had both already been 11 yrs ago on our Honeymoor and 2 previous times with other parties so I sold him on going back by taking a Royal Carribean cruise which takes you to their own private island "Cococay". We just did not plan on winds and rain being so bad. Oh Well in the plans I added my 2 daughters. My mother took me 3 months before she died and those are memories I will cherish forever. I wanted my girls to expierence those same memories - not that I plan on being gone in a few months but we never know for sure do we? Here we are headed to the boat and they are both cheezin' really big. Here is a picture of Michele, me and Shannon standing on deck 11 Pool deck on Saturday. Michele was so sick from some bad food Friday that she was not able to even enjoy the 1st day but I was so thankful to see her smiling face greet me at the door Saturday morning with her big smile saying "what's for breakfast?".
Saturday night was the Captains ball and a formal affair. I was shocked at how many people showed up in casual attire. Not us, we got all decked out as you can see. It is so fun to get really dressed up once in a while anyway.Don't my honey clean up good?

My girls had such a great time.
Sunday was spent at sea due to winds and the inability to dock at cococay island but the activities on board certainly made up for the dissappointment. We played every type of trivia you could think of.Headed home and still cheezin'. She was telling me what a "FANTASTIC TIME" she had. Shannon was cheezin' but driving so can only see the back of her head but she is cheezin' too. I had a hard time sleeping last night as my bed was not rocking me like I had been rocked to sleep for the past 3 nights, LOL. I still find myself swaying back and forth. There were sooo many funny moments NOT caught on film or camera that I would love to share but for now here is one for sure: Monday at 7am we docked back at Port Canavaral and got off headed home. No breakfast. So our plan was to stop on the road and pick something up. Well it was far down the road before we found anything. Shannon pulled into McDonalds and started to park but decided to go through the drive thru. Jessie is in the backseat with me going "hey, where are you going? we finally found some food and you are leaving? what is that about?". I almost wet my pants laughing. He was so pitiful. He just kept saying "but I'm hungry!"


Julia Aston said...

what a fun time you girls had!

Shannon Erskine aka e3stamper said...

LOL!! Im gonna kill you for postin these!!